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The GoodLife USA Membership & Leadership

GOODLIFEUSA will open up the world of travel, luxury and leisure to millions of hard working people. Utilizing some of the most innovative social networking techniques and a comprehensive and dynamic internet-based approach, we will exceed current market standards by offering consumers genuinely life changing products and empowering Independent Business Owners (IBOs) with our industry changing 2×20 Shared Social Network Compensation Plan. Our service-oriented product line has no supply limitations and endless opportunity for growth, positioning GOODLIFEUSA to fundamentally alter the travel and leisure space far into the future.


Mark Seyforth is an entrepreneur and a clear trendsetter in multilevel marketing, thanks to his creation of the cornerstone commission plan that is now widely used in the industry.

Now Mark and his business partners are leading the way in a new multilevel marketing business: GOODLIFEUSA. Based on the things that people seek out when they’re having fun– such as restaurants and vacation spots– GOODLIFEUSA provides customers with exciting and affordable opportunities, all through their membership in the business.

To join my team:

The GoodLife Memberships


The Silver plan includes members-only pricing and discounts on Hotels, Rental Cars, Flights, Dining, Entertainment, Shopping and online purchases at over 400,000 participating retailers!


Gold Members get Silver plan benefits plus hand-selected “Value Escapes” Condo Getaways, Staycation Getaways, Cruise Getaways, and our Cruise Booking Engine for amazing deals!


Platinum members enjoy Silver and Gold benefits plus “Premier Escapes” Condo Getaways, all-inclusive Fantasy Getaways and Personal Concierge Service to book your travel for you.

See business overview here:…

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